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Wellness vacation in Rhineland-Palatinate

The Eifel, Moselle and Hunsrück are close together. The region impresses with its varied landscapes. At the Mosel It is well known that wine grows, not least because of the mild climate and the outstanding soil conditions, which is why the Mosel Riesling became so famous. The Eifel and Hunsrück flank the Moselle region. In the Lifestyle Resort Zum Kurfürsten you can enjoy yourself Wellness holidays between the Eifel and Hunsrück.

Between Hunsrück and Eifel

The Eifel, which lies on the left side of the flowing Moselle, have completely different climatic conditions. The agricultural use of the land is also completely different than on the Moselle, although it only takes a few minutes by car from the Moselle to the beginning of the Eifel. The Eifel is also known for its Maars, extinct volcanoes that can be visited today. Of course, the Eifel invites you to go hiking, beautiful panoramic trails and natural landscapes can be explored. At this point, we limit ourselves to the destinations that can be reached from the Lifestyle Resort Zum Kurfürsten, which means that we have set ourselves an upper limit of 80 minutes as a travel time.

Sights that are worth seeing

Mines, museums, castles and palaces that are worth seeing in the Eifel. You will find a compilation of the highlights on this Overview. There is no question that Eltz Castle in Wierschem is one of the largest attractions in the Eifel that can be reached. The castle is approx. 81 km and approx. 59 minutes' drive from our wellness hotel on the Moselle "Zum Kurfürsten". If you are interested in castles, however, you are in the right place here. This castle is an absolute highlight among the castles in our region. In addition, the castle is still privately owned and is lovingly maintained. Once on the way to Eltz Castle, the place should definitely be Monreal be visited. The small village with its original half-timbered houses and castle ruins shows the former architectural style in the Eifel. Also worth mentioning are the castles in manderscheid which are about 37 km 32 minutes by car from our hotel. In Manderscheid itself there are numerous hiking trails through dense Eifel forests. It is also worth a trip Himmerrod Abbey which is about 30 km and about 36 minutes by car from our wellness hotel on the Moselle.

The Hunsrück and Idar-Oberstein

The Hunsrück lies on the right side of the draining Moselle. The most famous route into the Hunsrück is the 157 km long Hunsrückhöhenstrasse. The Hunsrück with its course to the Moselle is particularly interesting for our guests in relation to the precious stones that are often traded there.
The most famous gem town in the Hunsrück is Idar-Oberstein, the journey time is approx. 46 minutes with a distance of 37,9 km, here you will find a gemstone needle at every corner. The small shops often not only trade in the stones, but also very often make their own jewelry. Anyone interested in gemstones should do that too Gem Museum visit in Idar-Oberstein. Also the Pond loop is a must for gemstone fans. In Idar-Oberstein there are also other sights such as the Rock church.

Sometimes the journey is also the destination

The Hunsrück offers a variety of sights, we have limited ourselves to those that can be reached from the Vital- & Wellnesshotel Zum Kurfürsten within a maximum of 80 minutes. Most of the goals specified here can be achieved well below this time limit.
For example, you can reach the Belginum archeology park in only approx. 30 minutes driving time. The park offers guests who are interested in information on life and death, in Celtic and Roman times, a wide range of information and exhibition projects.

In addition to these sights in the Hunsrück, you must of course also get to know the most famous culprit in the region, the "Schinderhannes", who died on the scaffold in 1803. You can find information about this in the Hunsrück Museum in Simmern, which is only about 46 km and 45 minutes away by car.


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