Hotel history

2001 until today


The Vital- & Wellnesshotel Zum Kurfürsten was built in 1988 and opened in 1989, at that time as a wine bar with guest rooms.

At that time, the focus was exclusively on the spa guests on site. At that time there were around 1000 beds available in the 5 surrounding health clinics.

In 2001 the Hotel Zum Kurfürsten was bought by Heiner Buckermann.

  • 2001

    Purchase of the hotel by Heiner Buckermann.
    The hotel had no stars at the time. The room floors in the old building were still covered with linoleum and equipped with Ikea furniture. There was a sauna in the basement. Some of the regular guests who have accompanied us during this time still have something to say about a small restaurant and a sauna in the basement as a “highlight”. But despite everything, the hotel cast a spell on us from the start with its historical look and quiet location.

  • 2002

    Specialization in bus travel.
    The sauna was still there, but was hardly ever used, the aim from now on was to bring the rooms up to a higher standard. The actual goal was still unclear, only the quality should be increased.
  • 2003

    We opened our first beauty room in the basement.
    At the same time, a conference room that was never used was converted into a massage room. At that time our guests enjoyed the basement sauna, the massage in the meeting room and the beauty treatment in the converted storage room. And the amazing thing...everyone was content and that time!

  • 2004

    We have been certified 3 Star Superior,
    the efforts were rewarded. At this point in time, the demand was extremely high.

  • 2005

    The bus business no longer encouraged us.
    No passion, no advancement. All bus operator contracts were terminated in the middle of the year. The goal should be to become independent first. In addition, the quality should be further increased. The first discussions with our architect took place in the same year. At this point many thanks again to Alois Simon, who supported us with his creativity, his technical know-how and a lot of passion.

  • 2006

    The construction site for the extension with a wellness area was set up.
    At the same time the fireplace restaurant was built. Investment volume approx. € 1 million. The hotel was renamed to the name Vital & Wellness Hotel Zum Kurfürsten  instead.
  • 2007

    The panorama bath in the attic and the room wing with 15 rooms were built.
    Investment volume approx. € 1 million

  • 2008

    All rooms and restaurants have been updated.
    The hotel thus received the 4-star superior certificate. Investment € 800 thousand.

    Plans were drawn up for the development of a large wellness area as well as additional saunas, an outdoor pool and 23 additional rooms.  For Heiner Buckermann, the cooperation with the city was always an important part of all planning work. The city fathers and the mayor were and are always positive about the overall project. There were often very difficult situations to deal with, which always ended well thanks to the extremely good cooperation with the city. At this point we would like to thank ALL those involved. We are all aware that the "buckerman" often pushed the limits of what was possible, but we were never alone.

  • 2009

    The major construction project started. 2,7 million investments were planned, resulting in a total investment of 4,7 million.

  • 2011

    Was built: the 5 elements restaurant, the pool house with outdoor pool, 2 saunas, water beds - relaxation room, tea lounge and connecting corridor to the existing wellness area or the new bed wing to the main building. Furthermore, the dormitory with 23 rooms and 3 suites, sports and fitness room, children's room and course room was completed.

    Immediately after completion, so to speak on the same day, the heaviest hail in the history of the Moselle region overtook us. The Hotel Zum Kurfürsten suffered hail damage of €1.3 million. The damage was not completely repaired until mid-2012.

  • 2012

    We celebrated the completion of the entire project

  • 2013

    We install 3 CHPs with a total output of 35 KW electric. The investment amounts to € 210 thousand.
  • 2014

    Construction break

  • 2015

    Purchase of the Kneippchen after a long negotiation phase.
    Another pool house is now being built here with an outdoor pool, steam bath, earth sauna, various relaxation rooms as well as a nudist outdoor area and another wellness bistro. Completion is planned for summer / autumn 2016. Investment € 1,6 million

  • 2016

    Wellness area opened
    It was January 2017, however, and € 1,6 million became € 2 million, but it turned out to be really nice.

  • 2017

    In May 2017, the neighboring Hotel Kölchens and the adjoining apartment house zur Sonne were bought. Both buildings are to be merged and later connected to the LifeStyle Resort Zum Kurfürsten. We will continue to report on this.

  • 20XX

    sequel follows