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Duration: approx. 50 minutes on foot (circular route from the hotel) Length: 4,0 km

This relatively short circular route is easy to tackle both with walking sticks and by bike. The approx. 4 km long tour takes you to the most beautiful viewpoints of the Kues plateau in Bernkastel-Kues, which is only a few minutes' walk from the city center of Kues.
Here we have to mention that Kues and Bernkastel are separated by the Moselle. From Kues to Bernkastel it is another 10-15 minutes on foot, depending on the destination, for example the historical market place in Bernkastel-Kues
First you wander through part of the lovingly tended Kueser adventure trail, which offers interesting things for young and old to discover. In addition to all kinds of information, you can also test your knowledge of the forest as a habitat here. What is particularly significant is the untouchedness of some forest sections, which thus offer a habitat for a wide variety of animals.

In the second section of your way, you will now cross the ridge of the Kues vineyards, where, with a bit of luck, you can watch some of the most traditional winegrowers at work. Not only the wine is worth a look in every season, the fauna also invites you to observe and be amazed in the steep wine landscape. After a short ascent, you will reach the first lookout point, which temporarily serves as a landing pad for the helicopter that is used to support a rich harvest. From up here there is a wonderful view of the wine village of Lieser, a community with around 1300 inhabitants and one of the largest wine villages on the Moselle with 180 hectares of vineyards.

Furthermore, along the tour at the vineyard, the trees overgrown with wild ivy and imaginative pines, which make the forest look like a fairytale, are particularly striking. What is particularly interesting is the fact that the ivy does not live in a parasitic relationship with the tree, as is often assumed, but only needs it as a climbing frame. The ivy, which climbs up to 20 meters, retains its green leaves even in winter and, thanks to its blue berries, serves as a food source for various bird species.

With the second vantage point you have already covered half the way. This place is a very special one for all those who enjoy a blood-red sunset over the Moselle villages of Maring and Mülheim. There is a wonderful distant view over the Moselle up to the opposite Hunsrück, which invites you to linger and dream.

Back in the forest you roam another part of the Kues forest adventure trail and have the opportunity to perceive the forest with all your senses. Various stations such as a scented garden are set up for this purpose. The lovingly designed carvings along the way round off your tour back to the hotel.

We wish you a lot of fun!

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