Do you know the “Great Lord”?

Wintrich is a pretty little winegrowing village at the foot of the "Great Lord God".

This is - not only - the most famous wine location there. In the 60s, a uniquely large crucifix was set up here, matching the name, which can even be seen from afar at night thanks to a floodlight system.

Celts and Romans already settled here and brought the special vines vindriacum (lat. winegrowing village). Since then, wine-growing history has been written here.

The place presents and informs about the tradition of viticulture in a small open-air museum in the center of the village. This is reminiscent of the hard work with earlier equipment.

The narrow and picturesque streets, with their historic half-timbered houses and vintner fountains, will take you back to the good old days. Time stands still for you. A signposted wine trail through the mountains to the "Great Lord God" shows the work of the winemakers and you can enjoy a wonderful view of Wintrich and the entire Moselle valley.

Comfortable bike tours on the banks of the Moselle are also possible.

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