Lieser forest adventure trail

Have you ever looked at a 100-year-old tree root from below? Do you know which animals live in a dead oak? Have you ever had the opportunity to admire the Moselle from above? You can experience a special adventure on the "Lieser Forest Experience Trail" in Bernkastel-Kues. You get to know the forest in a different way by smelling, touching, feeling, hearing and seeing . In addition to many adventure games for children and adults, you can also find out something about the ecology of the forest and its importance for humans and animals on interesting display boards, starting with a taste test, via the scented garden, the barefoot path, the tree cave game to the listening station and the food chain game and finally You pass through all the points on this path through the wetland. The circular route is divided into a total of 20 stations, is 3.2 km long and the hike takes about 2 hours. The path is also very easy to reach with wheelchairs and prams, is suitable for both and is a perfect destination for the whole family. In addition, this tour is a good alternative for every wellness guest to relax. And while you are already there ... in Lieser there is also one Castle to visit.

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