Iron wine list

The insider tip for hikers who want us, from the vitality & Wellness Hotel To the Elector, asking for a suitable excursion means: high-altitude hiking trail through the Iron wine list. The highlight gives the hiker a wonderful panoramic view over Bernkastel-Kues. The way is already the goal. The hike leads from Graacher Tor through the Doktor vineyards. Along vineyards and vineyard walls, it goes uphill on the cobblestones.

Here you can discover the diverse flora and fauna. The hiking restaurant "To the iron wine list", which the path leads past, is perfect for a short break.

It continues through a species-rich mixed deciduous forest and over poor meadows. Then the descent into the Moselle valley takes place, which leads through a varied forest landscape. When you cross the mixed forest, you have a wonderful view of the vineyards of the Wildbach Valley and the Grevenburg castle ruins.

In recent years many of the vineyards that are difficult to cultivate have been dismantled. Thanks to the Canadian goldenrod that grows there today, you can experience these slopes in golden-yellow colors in late summer.

On the last part of the way, it goes through a steeply cut valley, with sycamore maple and orchards, down into the valley to Traben-Trabach. From there, the ship takes you back to Bernkastel-Kues. Of course, you can get the corresponding tickets at the Vital & Wellness Hotel Zum Kurfürsten.

Click here for the Google Maps map with the designated route Iron wine list.

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