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Dear guest, how nice that you are interested in a vacation or weekend stay in our romantic Moselle wine town!

Bernkastel-Kues, the "Pearl of the Middle Moselle", is an attractive destination all year round for wine lovers, holidaymakers and those who are looking for something special with a touch of romance. Bernkastel-Kues, with its many beautiful shops and boutiques in medieval half-timbered houses, is an excellent service city within the scope of ServiceQualität Deutschland.

Combine your wellness holiday in the Vital & Wellness Hotel with various excursions around Bernkastel-Kues.

An example of the beautiful architecture is the historic Bernkasteler Marktplatz. Built and filled with the spirit of a self-confident, enterprising, even bold and proud middle-class bourgeoisie in the Middle Ages, it radiates, in an impressive way, the glamor and warmth of its 700-year history.

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Our team will be happy to help you arrange the various excursion options. A wide variety of offers are available here, such as a boat trip on the Moselle, a trip to Landshut Castle or the panoramic city train, bus excursions to popular and well-known travel destinations, a wine cellar tour with wine tasting, a visit to the St. Hospitals (Cusanusstift), visiting the Moselle wine museum and the affiliated vinotheque or the house where Nikolaus von Kues was born, as well as the “Graacher Tor” local history museum or the senior citizen academy and the Machern monastery, during city tours and the events of the Moselfestwochen and much more, see also ours excursions.

History of the most important vineyards in Bernkastel-Kues

There is, for example, the location "Bernkasteler Doctor", about which the following story is told:

Archbishop Boemund 11th of Trier was lying in his mountain castle above Bernkastel and was dying of sickness. Many doctors tried to cure the old man, but none could bring him salvation.

Boemund had already consumed vast quantities of tea and herbal beverages as well as bitter medicine; it was in vain. Then he let it be known that whoever was able to banish his tiresome fever should come to help him. He would be sure of a high reward.

At the same time, Gerhard Vogt von Hunolstein (1359-1372), a very old knight, lived at his castle in the Hunsrück. It was said that he was a brave man brimming with health. Despite his advanced age, he was strong. His limbs were limb too, and a dawn on his face testified to his extremely good health. As soon as this knight, with his old bones, felt weak or when an illness was approaching him, a special drink always helped him, namely the Bernkasteler wine, which he had drawn himself. He then took a big swig of it because that was important.

When the knight heard of Boemund's illness, he reflected and thought of his always tried and tested aid. He went straight to the sick man and took a barrel of the best old wine with him. Boemund was startled when it saw the barrel, because he thought it was another bitter medicine. But the knight laughed, lifted the round vessel from his shoulder and poured this wonderful medicine into Boemund's cup. As he poured the wine, it gave off a spicy scent that filled the whole room. Boermund then gladly took the cup and emptied it to the floor without arguing.

The miraculous healing cure took effect immediately and he was grateful to the knight above all else. His words about recovery were as follows: “My dear Herr von Hunolstein, your health-giving grape blood is the best doctor; that is why wine and mountain should bear the name "Doctor" for all time "This is how the name of this location came about. Doctor Berg info


Traben-Trarbach The cityscape is shaped by the youth style.


Urzig It is the oldest place in the region with old wine yards, former monastery estates and beautiful half-timbered houses. All around, the grapes of the world-famous "Ürziger Würzgarten" vineyard, with the highest percentage of steep slopes in Germany, ripen in a protected location.

The Kröv-Ürzig-Machern hiking and via ferrata, past a wild rose park and the spice garden in the middle of the vineyard, is brand new. This contains around 150 types of aromatic plants, aromatic and medicinal plants and old garden plants with over 10.000 perennials. The wild rose park extends over approx. 2000 m2 with a fascinating panoramic view of the Moselle valley. The landmark of the landscape is the summit of Urlay. The Ürziger sundial is located on the watchtower wall of this former castle. It is considered to be the oldest clock in the Moselle valley. Signposted panorama and adventure trails lead you through the relaxing nature.

We wish you an eventful and relaxing one Moselle vacation in Bernkastel-Kues, the "International City of Vine and Wine".

You can find more information about Bernkastel-Kues on the official City website.

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