Churches in Bernkastel-Kues

The Parish Church of St. Michael is the most important church in Bernkastel-Kues. The 600 year old tower hides many art treasures. This building was mentioned for the first time in 1177. The current form dates, essentially, from the 14th century. Such rich furnishings as in this three-aisled church are rarely found in this country. In 1968 the old baroque facade was restored and since then it has been in stark contrast to the massive tower of St. Michael. A hall-like spatial impression is obtained inside the church. The sacristy was built in 1664 and the central point in the choir is the Calvary group from 1496. The sculptor Hoffmann, the younger, worked on this church. The plague altar in the extension comes from him. This shows a scene Bernkastel-Kues around the year 1630: people gathered on the historic market square in Bernkastelto bury the victims of the plague. The tower has a lot of resemblance to a defensive tower and it obviously had this function. After all, the city wall used to run along it, which can be clearly seen in the Merian engraving from 1646.

Other churches are the Protestant church in the Kues district, the St. Mary's Church and the St. Briktius Church in the Kues district.

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