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Why the bio-energy sauna is more than just a sauna

What is a bio-energy sauna?

At a time when sustainability and well-being are in focus, the bio-energy sauna represents an innovative and healthy alternative to traditional saunas. The Wellness Hotel Zum Kurfürsten is proud to be able to offer this unique experience.
The bio-energy sauna is a modern variant of the traditional sauna that offers a holistic wellness experience through the combination of heat, moisture and herbs. In contrast to conventional saunas, which are often powered by electrical energy, the bio-energy sauna relies on sustainable energy sources.

Differences to conventional saunas:

  • Temperature: In the bio-energy sauna the temperature is often lower, usually between 50-60°C, making it more comfortable for many people.

  • Humidity: The addition of steam and herbs creates a higher level of humidity.

  • Herbs: Special herbal blends are introduced into the sauna room to provide additional health benefits.

Benefits of the bio-energy sauna

The bio-energy sauna offers a number of advantages that distinguish it from traditional saunas:

Health Benefits:

  • Improved circulation
  • stress reduction
  • Better skin health through exposure to herbal vapors

Environmental friendliness:

  • Reduced energy consumption through the use of sustainable energy sources
  • The use of natural herbs reduces the need for chemical additives

Convenience and comfort:

  • The lower temperatures and increased humidity make sauna visits more pleasant and accessible, even for people who find regular saunas too hot.

How does a bio-energy sauna work?

In a bio-energy sauna, the heat is usually generated by infrared heaters, which allow the heat to penetrate deeper into the tissue. There is also an evaporator that provides the necessary moisture and the supply of herbal essences.

Technical aspects:

  • Infrared heater: Allow for more even heat distribution and are energy efficient.

  • Evaporator: Responsible for the humidity and the distribution of herbal essences.

Energy sources:

  • Electricity: Often from sustainable sources such as solar energy.

  • Wood: In some cases, wood-powered bio-energy saunas are also available.

Who should use a bio-energy sauna?

The bio-energy sauna is particularly suitable for people who are looking for a gentle yet effective form of relaxation.
  • People with skin problems
  • Older people or people with health restrictions
  • Environmentally conscious individuals

Health restrictions:

As with any sauna, pregnant women and people with certain medical conditions should consult a doctor before visiting.

What does the Wellness Hotel Zum Kurfürsten offer?

At the Wellness Hotel Zum Kurfürsten we have set up a specially designed bio-energy sauna that combines all of the above-mentioned benefits in a premium wellness package.

Special offers and packages:

  • Bio-energy sauna with various herbal mixtures
  • Combination offers with other wellness services
  • Individually tailored sauna sessions

Tips for your first bio-energy sauna visit

If you decide to visit the bio-energy sauna at the Wellness Hotel Zum Kurfürsten, there are a few things you should consider in advance.

What to bring:

  • Two towels: one as a base and the other for drying
  • A water bottle to stay hydrated
  • Comfortable bathing shoes

Things to note:

  • Do not spend more than 15-20 minutes in the sauna per session
  • After the sauna, you should take time to rest and rehydrate


The bio-energy sauna is more than just a modern version of the traditional sauna. It combines the best of warmth, moisture and the healing power of herbs to create a holistic wellness experience. Whether you just want to relax or are looking for specific health benefits, the bio-energy sauna at the Wellness Hotel Zum Kurfürsten offers something for everyone.
Are you curious and would you like to experience this unique form of relaxation yourself? Contact us today to book your individual bio-energy sauna package at the Wellness Hotel Zum Kurfürsten. Experience wellness on a new level!