TCM development

Historic development in recent time.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine is subjected to a continuous development for centuries. Until the political opening of China in the 1980s this development took place in the country itself, under Mao the country experienced a return to old Chinese values like a real renaissance. Closing ranks of the continents through new media and the frequently astounding medical success lead to a huge interest of Europe and America – especially in acupuncture. There was inspiration of new momentum in refinement and modernisation of TCM all over the world. Different ideas inspired TCM like the Japanese head acupuncture and the French ear acupuncture, nowadays they are part of the TCM standards of the education of the therapists.

What the layman, who visit the TCM therapists, often not know, is the historic development which was created in large numbers of treatment approaches and strategies.  There are many successful and famous masters in China, who look back on the experience of numerous generations to impart the knowledge in following their own therapy strategies. For patients the evolutionary treatment strategies of TCM are confusing.

For patients the result counts.

The alleviation or healing of his symptoms.