Health deficits

In TCM health deficits e.g. exhaustion and lack of energy are regarded holistic. This contrasts the TCM with the common view of Western medicine.

The view on the human body differs. For a closer understanding here you will find a short introduction in the physiological functionality of the human body and its pathology:

Through the body circles three different “substances.” All three substances ought circle unhindered through the body. The so-called organ clock gives us feedback, at which time the most energy is filled the organ. If one substance stagnates for a long period of time, healthy deficits may occur. Is there a lack of substance, physical symptoms may show up. A stagnation or deficiency problem reflects in condition, color and coating of the tongue. (pulse, tongue and meridian diagnostic)

The blood

Material carrier of Qi, in some ways comparable to the Western idea of blood.

Stagnation of blood – there is a stabbing pain and women know exactly, what we are talking about. With a blood stagnation the veins under the tongue are often swollen. Then the body of the tongue is commonly coloured in purple. With anaemia the lips and the color of complexion are pale, lack of energy may result.

The humours

The collective term of all body fluids is divided in turbid and limpid humours. In the body they moistening i.a. muscles and organs. It can be compared with lymph fluids.

Stagnation of humours, oedemas may occur. With tenacious stagnation the humours may thicken to mucus. In the view of TCM Cysts, tumours, gallstones and kidney stones may result from stagnation of humours. On the tongue then appear threads of mucus. With defects of humours the tongue is dry and rough. Symptomatically may occur dry cough, dry mucous membranes and dry skin.

The Qi

The Qi provides the body with energy and warmth.

Qi-stagnation is a frequently observed symptom. The Qi may stagnate in the meridians or in the organs. Wenn the Qi flow is blocked, the energy is dammed and heat comes up. Inflammation and stomach ulcer may result from this. On the tongue certain areas are coloured in red, or they are teared. Lack of Qi appears in general lack of energy (fatigue, loss of appetite), also in weak function of single organs (e.g. indigestion) or in cold extremities.