As BlackVIP guest you receive special benefits from the very first visit

BlackVIP bonus program

With our BlackVIP card you will receive special services, like hotel bicycle rental for free, e-Bike rental for just EUR 25 per eBike and day, DVD rental at half-price. With your second visit you benefit from early booking discount, fruit plate in your room, an additional welcome cocktail and much more.

The benefits of our BlackVIP guest card:

  1. Early booking discount: For bookings eight weeks before arrival, you will receive a 5 % discount on the arrangement price
  2. On arrival you will receive a fruit plate in your room and a coupon for a welcome cocktail in the lobby bar.
  3. Hotel bicycle are free in rental and reservation.
  4. During your stay borrow DVD’s for half-price.
  5. Per 1 EUR sales on your account you will receive 1 point on your BlackVIP guest card.
  6. For your recommendation for each new guest, who visits our hotel, you will receive 500 extra points.

Conversion into cash is not possible.

Please tell us your BlackVIP number prior booking and show us your card prior departure. We will credit your points immediately and gladly cashing in your collected points.

Collected BlackVIP points can be exchanged for following bonus:

for relaxation while increasing energy levels. Duration 20 min. for 1092 points.

Receive a pleasantly warm grain pillow laid under your blanket. Resolve tensions of your body to improve the blood flow, pain is alleviated, your immune system will be stimulated and you will reach an overall relaxation and a refreshing sleep. You can take away the pillow. We will like to heat it up for further days during your stay.

Indication: all diseases and complaints, health check also for healthy persons.

For a individual consultation about your holistic health status, to TCM this diagnostic form is indispensable. By our TCM specialists you will receive a hole new view on your body through comprehensible wording, also on diseases. The pulses are measured with three fingers on each arm, providing information about the energetic condition of your organs. Your organs in turn are connected with a energetic connection to your body. An example: is your “kidney pulse” conspicuous, you can watch symptoms like pain in the lower back, knee pain, urinary tract infection, menstrual problems, or unfulfilled desire to children could be the consequence of inharmonic kidney energy. Also the tongue shows about the condition, the coating and the color how you “look inside.” Certain areas of the tongue represent the organs. For this an example: red edges of the tongue means the liver is to “hot,” possibly a result of to much stress, maybe bad nutrition etc. Symptoms could show in dizziness, migraine or tantrums. The pulse and tongue meridian diagnostic is particularly helpful for persons, who suffer under chronic disease to cure with a holistic therapy of TCM. Diseases and complaints can be evaluated complex like sleep disturbance, neurodermatitis, chronic disorders in the digestion system like Morbus Crohn, colitis, depressions, burn-out, exhaustion, chronic headache, urinary tract infection, chronic fatigue, menstrual problems, gynaecological diseases, tumor diseases, like side effects of a chemotherapy, or the follow-up treatment etc.

With the diagnostic you have the possibility to start immediately in our house: acupuncture, Tuina massage, moxibustion, medical bathes, reflexology, Guasha massage and maybe a change of diet are the first steps.

The examination is conducted by pulse and tongue.

Duration of a unit: around 30 min.

200 ml smooth body lotion with cocoa butter and avocado oil top care demands. The seaweed laminaria and bio hyaluron deliver long-lasting moisture. A complex of artichoke extract promotes with sea salt a stimulated and cutaneous micro circulation. The body contour will be smoothed and refined. More visible flexibility and tension.

To support the therapy our TCM specialists create an individual herbal receipt. The herbal mixture you receive from one of our recommended pharmacies, or a pharmacy from your reliance. You receive an additional recommendation for preparation and intake. A previous pulse and tongue meridian diagnostic is essential.

This lovely, lively and delicate wine with harmonic fruit is manufactured from vineyard St. Michael in Witrich.

With little effort prepare a healthy 5-elements-TCM meal.

Become more familiar with essential ingredients after device of TCM. Above all receive delicious receipts and important tips for cooking for yourself afterwards, around 1.5 hours. Our TCM by KURFÜRST elements cooking school is taken place every Wednesday.

Choose from nordic walking, Qi Gong, aqua fitness, spinal traction and Tai Chi.

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