Energy concepts and environment protection, who takes must give as well

For the environment

A fairly long time we invest in sustainability of the Kurfürsten Resort. With the huge expansion of the hotel we searched for the latest technologies to conserve the natural resources. Last we renewed the thermal power station(BHKW). Currently we operate 4 BHKWs with an overall performance of 65 KW. These BHKWs are spread over the hotel complex. To reach the maximum performance we needed to connect each electric and thermal energy. The connection was needed to receive the modulating power distribution. Through the buffer storage in the thermal section and the energy input resources are used efficiently.

Environmental protection

Not only to reach environmentally friendly use of energy was our motivation but also looking for a perfect partner who campaigns for environmentalism.

We found what we searched for with VIABONO, an organisation which is specialised in the hotel and restaurant industry.

In Viabono we found a partner who frequently provides us at the same time new input and controls the standard of each participating partner. Every partner is trained and tested about environmentally friendly actions.

Environment protection can be quite easy. Here are some examples which can help to provide CO2 emissions.

  • Regional mineral water
  • Mostly use products from the region
  • Reduce the consumption of water modulated by accomodations
  • Use bio-products to reduce pollutant emissions
  • Waste management programs from waste separation to recycling
  • Reducing brochure distribution alike reducing print run replaced by e-mail distribution instead of printed paper
  • and many more

Corporate philosophy – Viabono
Viabono is the certification for tourism in Germany for environment, climate and guest orientation. Viabono stands for reliable and contemporary quality, just as delightful experience, in combination with a good feeling, because they care about environmental, climate friendly and social acceptable travel. The idea of the sustainable tourism is anchored in our corporate philosophy. We have the responsibility for our fellow human being, just as well as environment and following generations. Our target is to bring in accordance economic, ecologic and social quality.

Membership of sustainable tourism
Moreover we are membership of GREEN PEARLS a merger of sustainable guided hotels.

Here you can find the philosophy of the Green-Pearls-houses:

“Holiday without remorse or renunciation.”

Sustainable development means: To meet the needs of the present without endanger the possibility to meet the needs of future generations. Almost anybody separate their garbage, mind house building by supporting a sustainable construction or they go easy on resources. Why don’t think sustainable on holiday. We are all responsible for the protection of environment, we owe the cultures of each country our regard, attention and respect. Decide on your own for destination and hotels with ecologic and social-economic obligation. The second to none? You don’t have to forego anything, because Green Pearls® Unique Places shows, how sustainable tourism can be connected with a high standard. Green Pearls® Unique Places points at individual approaches for transparent sustainability, and offer traveller a combination of high standard, hospitality, ecologic consciousness, plus a invitation to participate in projects. Sustainable tourism is possible everywhere on the planet, why we introduce some examples for interesting countries in particular.

Our goals
Reducing carbon emissions resolved by our actions.


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