Times are changing

History of the hotel
from 2001 until now

Built in 1988 the vital & wellness hotel was opened in 1989, at this time it was a wine bar with guest room.

Back then focus was on local coure guests. There were around 1000 available beds in 5 surrounding wellness clinics.

2001 the Hotel Zum Kurfürsten was bought from Heiner Buckermann.


The purchase of the hotel by Heiner Buckermann

At this time the hotel didn’t have any star. The floor in the old building was covered with linoleum and furnished with IKEA furniture. There was just a sauna in the basement. Some regular guests, which accompanied us, could tell us about the highlight, which was a little restaurant and a sauna in the basement. Nevertheless the hotel excited us from the beginning with its historic look and its quite location.


Specialised in coach tours.

The sauna was still there, practically never used. Our goal was to upgrade our rooms to the next level. The main target wasn’t quiet sure, but we knew we had to increase the quality.


We had opened our first beauty room in the basement

Simultaneously a never used conference room has been rebuilt. At this time our guests enjoyed the sauna in the basement, got a massage in the conference room and a beauty application in the rebuild storeroom. Amazing was … that all guest were satisfied and happy … at this time.


Certified with 3 Superior Stars

Our efforts were rewarded. The demand was increased.


The coach business wasn’t incentive anymore

No passion. No enhancements. Middle of the year every contract with the bus companies was cancelled. The main goal was to reach independency. Furthermore quality should be increased. The same year we talked to our architect. At this point we would like to thank Alois Simon, he always supported us with his creativity and his technical know-how, he supports us with so much passion until now. www.simon-wittlich.de


The building site was invented in the wellness section

At the same time the Kaminrestaurant was built. We invested around € 1 million. We renamed the Hotel to Vital-& Wellnesshotel Zum Kurfürsten


The panorama pool was built in the attic as well as building a new annex with 15 rooms 

Investment around € 1 Mio.


Every room and restaurant was renewed

The Hotel reached the certification 4 Star Superior. Investment € 800.000.

Plans were created for the development of a big wellness resort with different saunas, an outdoor pool and 23 additional rooms. Cooperation with the city was a main part of planning for Heiner Buckermann. The city fathers and the mayor were favourable to the project. There were many difficult situations to master, because of good collaboration with the city it always ended up well. At this point we like to thank ALL participants. We are aware that “Buckermann” often reached the limits, but we never were alone.


The Major project startet

Planned € 2.7 Mio investment total investment increased to € 4.7 Mio.



The restaurant 5 Elements, the pool house with outdoor pool, 2 saunas, waterbeds – relaxation room, tea lounge with connection to the existing wellness area also connected with the room section of the main house. Furthermore we finished the “Bettenhaus” room section with 23 rooms and 3 suites, sport and fitness room, kids room and course room.

Directly after finishing

Sort of the same heaviest volley in history of Mosel region hit us. the volley caused a damage of € 1.3 Mio. Only in 2012 the damage was completely repaired.


We celebrated the completion of the main project


We installed 3 BHKW´s

With an overall capacity over 35 KW. Investment around € 210.000.


Building freeze


Purchase of the “Kneippchen” after a long negotiation phase.

Here was born an additional pool house with outdoor pool, steam bath, earth sauna, various relaxation rooms, a naturist outdoor area with an additional wellness-bistro. Completion was in 2016. Investment around € 16 million.


Further projects are at the top of the agenda – we continue reporting



Here we are








Mission statement